Our story

Made Best In the Midwest

Ken and Cheryl’s Fresh Foods grew out of a need for a better product. Ken and Cheryl owned Ken’s Vending Service in southeast Iowa. During the summers, the factory workers wouldn’t eat much out of the machines. One day Cheryl was making a batch of salsa for her family and decided to package it and sell it in the vending machines. Soon their customers started asking to purchase it in larger quantities. Not long after that Ken and Cheryl started to sell their salsa at the Washington County Farmers Market. It was such a huge hit that Ken decided to stop by the local grocery store and ask if they would like to stock it. 

Over the years, Cheryl’s Salsa has continued to grow in popularity and in demand.  What was once a hobby built on a family recipe, has now grown to the point where Cheryl’s Salsa products are sold in locations throughout Iowa, and other states as well.  Cheryl’s Salsa continues to be a locally owned family operation, with Cheryl still active in preparing the ingredients and overseeing the blending of the salsa and queso.  It’s this commitment to detail, and quality that ensures each customer gets the best salsa or queso around.