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Salsa is the #1 condiment in America and Cheryl’s Fresh Salsa Strives to be the best.  Cheryl’s Salsa always hits the spot with the unique and delicious flavors that come from the special family recipe.  They take pride in the high quality of fresh ingredients mixed together to deliver that unforgettable Cheryl’s Salsa taste that goes into every package. Whether you’re at a party with all your friends where there is always at least one bowl of salsa and chips…or if you’re just at home looking for a delicious snack by yourself or with family, Cheryl’s Salsa offers a flavor with just the right taste.

Mild – more like an extra mild because there is absolutely no heat in this one, just all flavor.  What a way to get your kids to eat healthier!  
Medium  – just a few jalapenos are added to make this batch perfect for those who like a little warmth mixed with a lot of flavor. This works wonders on a baked potato!
Hot – ​just the right amount of special ingredients that give this the kick that is needed for a really great tasting hot salsa!  
Black Bean & Corn – this one mixes the best of several batches to create this great one of a kind taste. Black beans and corn give this salsa just what it needs to be the main event at any party. This is great in chili too!

Made Best In the Midwest

Ken and Cheryl’s Fresh Foods grew out of a need for a better product. Ken and Cheryl owned Ken’s Vending Service in southeast Iowa. During the summers, the area factory workers wouldn’t eat much out of the vending machines. One day Cheryl was making a batch of salsa for her family and decided to package it and sell it in the vending machines. Soon their customers started asking to purchase it in larger quantities. Not long after that Ken and Cheryl started to sell their salsa at the Washington County Farmers Market. It was such a huge hit that Ken decided to stop by the local grocery store and ask if they would like to stock it. The grocery store excitedly agreed and more and more stores added their products to the point you can now find Cheryl’s Salsa in a store near you.

Customer's Feedback

“Such an amazing taste in my home town. I highly recommend Fresh Salsa by Cheryl. Once again thank you Ken and  Cheryl!” 

– William Nicole


Over the years, Cheryl’s Salsa has been recognized with many different awards in contests throughout the area.  Customers and contest judges alike have grown fond of the rich and robust flavors in the Cheryl’s Salsa products.  Click here to take a look at some of the awards that Chery’ls Salsa has received! And keep your eyes out for more awards, as even more people learn to love the taste of Cheryl’s Salsa and Queso!

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