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Salsa is the #1 condiment in America and Cheryl's Fresh Salsa Strives to be the best.  With several different hotness strengths to our salsa there is something for every taste pallet.

Mild – more like an extra mild because there is absolutely no heat in this one, just all flavor.  What a way to get your kids to eat healthier!

Medium – just a few jalapenos are added to make this batch perfect for those who like a little warmth mixed with a lot of flavor.  This works wonders on a baked potato!

Black Bean & Corn – this one mixes the best of several batches to create this great one of a kind taste.  Black beans and corn give this salsa just what it needs to be the main event at any party.  This is great in chili too!

Chunky – same great flavor of the Medium with the nice sized
chunks that are for those who want something good to bite into.  It will kick any salad up a notch!

Peach – we took the basics of the Medium and added the most wonderful peaches which tones down the hotness just a little and has added a touch of sweetness.  This salsa is awesome on pork chops!

Hot – just the right amount of special ingredients that give this the kick that is needed for a really great tasting hot salsa.

Inferno – uses habaneros to add the heat for those who dare, this was made for the real hot shots.

Coming soon!

Cheryl's  BBQ Sauce.  This sauce is not vinegar based, it is a sweet tangy sauce, without the honey.
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